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Exams for glasses

E X A M S   F O R   G L A S S E S

Once we have established the pupil distances and the correctional needs of your eyes we can in theory use those results directly for ordering a pair of optical lenses for your new glasses.

A “Correctional Need” can be split up into:

  • “Spherical Powers”. -Measured in “Dioptrias”.
  • “Cylindrical Powers” and it´s “Axis”. -Measured in “Dioptrias” and “Degrees”.
  • An eventual “Prism” and it´s “Axis”. -Measured in “Dioptrias” and “Degrees”.
  • “Addition”. -Measured in “Dioptrias” and “Degrees”.


One important thing of course, is to try and be aware, what the situations are that you´d like for us to help you with. Do ask us about the pros and cons about different solutions. Remember that a pair of glasses, both is a relatively technical, as well as a highly individually adapted product. It is for that reason rather difficult to describe all possible combinations of cases in a written text without boring you. Best advice is: Trust your optometrist to guide you, and take advantage of a face to face chat for clearing whatever doubts you may have. You will often be positively surprised what possibilities are available.