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Screenings for Pathologies

E Y E P R O B L E M S   I N   G E N E R A L

As it unfortunately on occasion happens that the sight can not immediately be improved by new glasses alone, it is worth being aware that your optician not necessarily can be expected to give you a diagnosis and, and even less should he be expected to go into any kind of medical or other treatment. Nevertheless, of course we do get a fantastic insight through our work and a good experience indeed in how various pathological conditions partly can be detected and partly be explained.

Here we shall just mention a selection of the most well-known phenomenae associated with the eyesight which your optician should have a fair chance to discover, if one or more factors of these come into play;

  • Cataracts.
  • Glaucoma.
  • Different types of infections.
  • Retinal / Macular degenerations of various kinds. Including diabetic related changes to the retina.
  • Retinal detachment.

For the layman, it can often be difficult to distinguish between the causes of, perhaps even many different, symptoms. Therefore, you surely also can argue for approaching things as you feel fits you the best, with regard to whether you should go to an optician first or directly to an eye doctor.

Generally, it appears to be that there is some consensus on the most appropriate “first move” when experiencing an eye problem: -Go visit the optician !!!

In most countries, including The UK and Spain, it is precisely so that the optician’s education and legal responsibility not only enables us to refer to an ophthalmologist, when the need for it occur, it should in fact be expected from us.